Our value

The value - “use quality as guidance, build reputation with integrity, innovate base on technology, develop for the brand” confirms the relationship between employees, customers, and society.

Our quality

Perfect quality is the guidance of products and service of Jiulong. It requires everyone, either in independent work or in team work, should clarify, foresee, and even surpass the expectation of customers. Perfect quality also promotes the improvement of our products and service.

Our management philosophy

Integrity is always our management philosophy. In these 20 years, our honesty, appropriateness, and fairness have won great respect and reliability from our customers and employees. In the future, no matter in the interior or exterior of Jiulong, this philosophy will still be our prior principle.

Our innovation

Jiulong firmly believe the huge power of innovation, and we believe the business opportunity is reserved in revolution. This creative spirit pushes us continue to create new products, develop new markets, and introduce new models to our company.

Our brand

Jiulong aims at being the leader of China filter press equipment industry. The 20 years development encourages us to strive for leading position in product, market, and management. Our products and service are rather than ordinary, but practical.