Waste Water

While increasingly stringent regulations require more sophisticated treatment processes, operating budgets necessitate doing more with less. Jiulong filter presses provide solution that is low cost, high efficiency and reliable durability in waste water treatment.

Metallurgical Industry

Whether your goal is reducing costs by separating wastes for more cost-effective disposal or increasing revenues by recovering more valuable materials, Jiulong has the application experience to help you improve your bottom line.

Chemical Industry

JiuLong filter presses are customized for optimal performance in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries in diverse solid-liquid separation applications.

Food And Beverage

The filter press is widely applied in the food and beverage industry, including producing wine, fruit juices, sugar, yeast, edible oil and fats...

Minerals-Earth Industry

By efficiently separating production waste from wastewater, Jiulong filter presses produce disposal costs savings that bring substantial return on investment for companies in a wide array.

Mining Industry

Jiulong partners with customers across the mining industry to help increase metal particle recovery and reduce waste. Our centrifuges allow for a drier product, saving customers money in the handling and associated disposal costs. Taking coal mining as an example, coal mining involves steam washing followed by the separation of coal from other waste. Fine particle separation is essential. A Jiulong filter press ensures a better separation of coal from waste, making it possible to recover those fine coal particles and still end the process with clean water.

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Responsive and Reliable Service

Jiulong continues to advance filter press technology to improve efficiency, safety, performance and return on investment for customers in a variety of industries around the world Advanced designs, complete product lines, strict quality control, and high-standard services are what we have been pursuing and providing to our customers.