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A full inspection of the filter press must be carried out

  • Release Date:01-06-2018
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    After the normal operation of the filter press can be put into use, a full inspection of the filter press must be carried out before each shift. The mechanical pressure transmission parts and the reduction gear box must be filled with lubricating oil. The hydraulic workstation must check whether the hydraulic oil is sufficient. The oil must be completely replaced in about 8 months. When the hydraulic oil is changed, a full-scale cleaning of the filter press must be performed.

    The working pressure of the hydraulic station must be checked. The pressure must not be too high. Do not start the filter when the filter plate is less than the specified amount. , so as not to damage the parts. Check the arrangement of the filter plate. Whether the filter cloth has wrinkles, if any, must be handled in time to prevent leakage.

    In the initial stage of filter press, the filter press is more turbid, and the filtrate will become clear when a layer of filter cake is formed on the filter cloth. If the filtrate has been turbid or mixed by cleaning, the filter cloth may be damaged or the deviation between the cloth hole and the plate hole may occur. At this time, close the valve and replace the filter cloth. A small amount of leakage caused by the capillary action of the filter cloth is allowed between the filter plates.

    Regularly check the filter press line for damage, insulation damage, etc.. If found or suspected damage must be replaced or detailed inspection to eliminate every possible leakage problem. At the same time, each filter press must be equipped with an independent leakage switch, and the leakage switch current should not be too large or too small. Must choose the type of installation and commissioning professionals. Periodically test the leakage switch is working properly. With this maintenance, the service life of the filter press can be extended, bringing more benefits to the company.