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Analysis of internal pressure filter press how to solve:

  • Release Date:11-12-2017
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        In order to better filter press function, bring more economic benefits, and some factories have many filter press equipment, more than one machine, although the efficiency up, but at the same time the problem also came. Noise is one of the issues that need attention. There is more than just noise affecting people, but it is also possible that some part of the machine has problems. Subtle abnormal sound hope we can pay attention to the equipment for serious examination.

    Do not know if you know the filter press in the process of using the noise is likely to be a problem inside the filter press to promptly analyze the cause of the noise, then if the noise is generated due to the internal problems of the machine we What can be done to eliminate the noise?

    1. When installing the filter press should be installed in the correct order to ensure the smoothness of the filter press, which can effectively reduce the noise filter press operation.

    2. When using the filter press to do the equipment lubrication, to avoid the friction between parts produce noise problems. In addition, doing a good job of filter press lubrication can effectively reduce the wear and tear between parts, to extend the life of filter press.

    3 .Staff should promptly do filter press maintenance work, for loose parts tighten in time to avoid loosening parts pressure filter noise problems, better to ensure the quality of filter press operation.

    The people with the greatest noise influence are people. Long-term working in a noisy environment can easily lead to many diseases and is very detrimental to people's health. And the filter press will also be worn out due to noise generated by the fault, so we must promptly find out the causes of noise and solve it as soon as possible.