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Application of belt filter press in beer industry

  • Release Date:09-06-2018
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    In the beer production process, tape presses are commonly used in all three aspects.

    A.The filtration of wort in the process of wort preparation uses a belt type filter press to obtain transparent and bright wort, which can greatly increase the filtration rate, shorten the filtration time after saccharification, and give full play to the saccharification capacity.

    B.Filtration of mature beer after fermentation: Mature beer contains residual yeast and protein coagulum after fermentation. The belt filter press is used for coarse filtration and vacuum belt filter press is used for fine filtration.

    C.Filtration and Recovery of Yeast Slurry: The yeast sludge deposited in the beer fermentation tank is regularly discharged. The yeast slurry is a partially acidic mixed liquor having a solid mass fraction of 5% to 9%, wherein beer equivalent to 1% to 2% of the total amount of beer can be recovered. The yeast slurry can be squeezed and filtered by a plate and frame filter press with a pressing action. The filtrate can be returned to a large tank for fermentation through a recovery line. The pressed yeast can be dried into yeast powder for use in the food or pharmaceutical industries.