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Application of filter press

  • Release Date:09-08-2017
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        We first talk about the use of filter press, it is mainly used for solid-liquid separation. The material through the pressure to filter, and widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical fields. Especially for the separation of sticky material, has its unique advantages.
        Filter press is widely used in chemical industry, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, The The filter press is composed of a plurality of filter plates and a filter frame to form a filter chamber, and the pressure is used as the filter driving force filter. Filter press for intermittent operation, a frame filter press, box filter and vertical filter press 3 categories.
       The use of filter press Detailed solution: filter for the separation of solid and liquid Compared with other solid-liquid separation equipment, filter press filter cake has a higher solid content and excellent separation effect of solid-liquid. The basic principle of separation is that the mixture flows through the filter medium (filter cloth), the solid stays on the filter cloth, and gradually accumulates on the filter cloth to form the filter cake. The filtrate part penetrates the filter cloth and becomes a solid The
       Filter press working principle: First, positive pressure pressure dehydration, also known as the pulp dehydration, that is, a certain number of filter plate in the role of strong mechanical force was arranged in a row, between the filter plate and filter plate surface between the formation of filter room , The filter material is fed into the filter chamber under strong positive pressure, and the solid material of the filter material entering the filter chamber is retained by the filter medium (such as filter cloth) to form the filter cake, and the liquid part is discharged through the filter medium and discharged into the filter chamber The purpose of solid-liquid separation, with the positive pressure increases, solid-liquid separation is more thorough, but from the energy and cost considerations, too high positive pressure is not worth. After the slurry is dewatered, the filter press is equipped with a rubber extruded film, and the compressed medium (such as gas and water) enters the back of the extruded film to push the extruded film to further dehydrate the squeeze cake. After the slurry is dewatered or squeezed, the compressed air enters the side of the filter cake through the filter cake, carries liquid water from the other side of the filter cake through the filter cloth discharge chamber and dehydration, called wind and water dehydration. If both sides of the filter room are coated with a filter cloth, the liquid part of the filter through both sides of the filter cloth filter room for the filter room double-sided dehydration. After the completion of dehydration, remove the mechanical pressure of the filter plate, single block gradually pull the filter plate, open the filter chamber to open the cake for a major work cycle to complete. Different, the filter can be set into the pulp dehydration, extrusion dehydration, wind dehydration or single, double-sided dehydration, the purpose is to minimize the filter cake moisture.