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Bag filter cleaning method

  • Release Date:16-10-2017
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       Bag filter can be divided into single bag filter, multi-bag filter, rocker bag filter, high-precision bag filter, filter filter accuracy of 1-10 micron range. Different types of bag filter in addition to performance and operating methods are different, their cleaning methods are different, the following describes several types of bag filter self-cleaning method.
       Multi-type backwashing bag filter. Filter box with a cylindrical filter to filter, when the export and the population at a certain value of the pressure, this time for backwashing, up and down two special three-way valve action, closed population flow, connected to the sewage pipe; Flow, connected to the backwash flow. Backwash water through the filter from outside to inside, the filter residue washed out by the sewage pipe discharge.
       Absorbent bag filter, that is, the suction nozzle inside the filter to remove the dirt on the surface of the filter. Self-cleaning, the sewage valve open, nozzle and sewage pipe connected to the outside of the sewage pipe and the pressure of the nozzle to produce a strong suction. Absorbent bag filter has the following characteristics: high efficiency, compact size; reliable mechanical structure; minimum flushing flow rate requirements, the filter pressure is low to ensure that the cleaning effect; self-cleaning process requires less water and does not cause downstream Flow of the fluid supply. It is a series of coarse filter and fine filter two filters, nozzle for the round mouth, the suction device by a screw device with a two-way motor drive, according to a fixed speed for the spiral of movement (so a few suction The mouth can breathe the entire inner surface of the filter).
       Rotary arm type bag filter is a multi-unit type backwashing bag filter, compact structure. The sewage is filtered from the inside out through the filter. When the inlet and outlet pressure reaches the set value, the backwash is carried out, and the gear motor rotates the arm to the lower of the filter cartridge to be cleaned (through the sensor positioning), cut off the inlet and open the drain valve, and the outside of the filter Drop, the filtrate reverse activity for backwashing, backwash set time value is over, the sewage valve closed, the next filter backwash.
       The above is the bag filter cleaning method. Bag filter is a new type of filtration system, the filter inside the metal mesh through the support of the filter bag, the liquid flow from the entrance, filtered by the filter bag after the outflow of impurities were intercepted in the filter bag, filter bag can be cleaned continue to use.