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Belt filter press common small problems and solutions

  • Release Date:18-12-2017
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        Like large filter press machine with the growth of the use of life, there will always be some small problems, but these problems can be solved by themselves, you do not have to go back to factory maintenance so much trouble. The following is a belt filter press will appear some common small problems and solutions for your reference:
    1. Filter plate Fry: to enhance the operator's ambition and technical training, strict control of the valve opening speed, often check the feed inlet state, into the mud quality unqualified to stop the necessary transformation, such as the beam support to the pillar support , The center side of the hydraulic pressure on both sides into the hydraulic or into your tube into the mud and more.
    2. Filter cake not dry: cleaning or change the filter cloth; into the mud to stop conditioning, improve the squeeze pressure and extrusion time; repair or change the valve.
    3. With no slag discharge: check the dosing slot mud u; change the filter cloth and tape seal.
    4. Belt spray mud: to change or repair seal; eliminate debris; mediation pressure and filter cloth correction.
    5. Sensor problems: consolidation of iron, adjust the location, reduce the load.
    6 motor problems: reduce the load; check the coupling and control switch; repair electrical circuit; motor repair or change.