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Belt filter press filter how to choose?

  • Release Date:12-09-2017
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    Filter presses, especially belt filter press, as an important equipment in the sewage sludge treatment process, the filter cloth is often a certain extent determines the processing capacity and effectiveness of the good or not. So, filter press filter in the selection should pay attention to what?
    1, the filter surface to be as smooth as possible, so that the cake can be more easily peeled from the filter cloth, easier to filter the rinse.
    2, filter belt pull strength, strong anti-wrinkle, mesh monofilament uniform, flexible
    3, the filter on both sides of the glue should be used for the quality of latex, soft and uniform, easy to fall off.
    4, filter belt direction is not easy to deformation, can not afford arch, not wrinkles. Long life with acid, alkali, wear resistance, high temperature and so on.
    5, filter joint glued work done well, the use of high-quality latex, thin, easy to fall off. Joint reed is relatively thin, strong, wearable. The thickness of the interface evenly thin, not easy to hurt scraper.