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Cause of insufficient pressure of filter press

  • Release Date:18-07-2017
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    Some customers in the use of filter press for a period of time after that press power is more and more low, originally a large part of it is because of the lack of the pressure filter, then the filter press and why the lack of pressure?
    1, lack of hydraulic oil. Because the filter press equipment in the long-term, high strength work, hydraulic oil will gradually reduce, because the cutting speed is often unable to see with the naked eye, so we use a long time will forget about the hydraulic cut question, so cut down, when the low hydraulic oil cut to the planning, the pump will not smoke to meet the oil feeding pipe, then the natural hydraulic device place pressure is not enough, the natural filter plate pressure is not enough.
    2 、 the oil in the hydraulic system is connected internally. This is not inevitable question when the hydraulic press of doubt, in the long-term operation, hydraulic device back and forth elastic work resolution not less than tens of thousands of times, so the conflict between piston and the middle of the wall is not less than so many times, so that through repeated conflict loss on the piston seal ring will be damaged very natural, so possible formation is the result of interaction between the two on the oil cavity of the hydraulic device, from a hydraulic chamber in oil and from another hydraulic cavity out, so the oil volume moving piston natural no power, the filter plate pressure is the same small.
    3 、 hydraulic seal is not strict. This question mainly reflects several forms, that is, the oil equivalent of the elastic rod oil spill; in the oil reversing valve, the closed steel ball can not play the normal effect.