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Causes and Emergency Methods of Sudden Power Failure in Filter Press

  • Release Date:18-09-2017
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       As the filter press is a general equipment, in a variety of industries have used, it is because the filter press frequently, often some unexpected events, we prevent accidentally. We sometimes face the event of heavy rains, will encounter a sudden power out of the situation, in the face of these how do we deal with it? I came today to introduce a sudden power failure filter, and how to deal with?
    In the process of filtering, the filter press is continuously fed into the equipment, and there is a lot of filtrate in the pipeline and path of the equipment. There are some filter cake in the filter room, and the hydraulic system is in normal working condition , The filter plate on the implementation of a very strong pressure, when this state suddenly because there is no power to change, for the filter press is a very important issue, we need to correctly handle.
    Due to sudden power failure, the filter press in addition to the pressure system and control system to stop working, the feed pump is not sent into the filter, but the pipeline, the device path there are a lot of filter, the hydraulic system to maintain the high pressure state , And can not be very good pressure to quickly down, all of these problems need us to deal with immediately.
    First, clear the filtrate from the equipment. Will start from the feed pump, to the filter drain, all the possible part of the filter containing the need to break away to clean, to prevent the filter in the equipment in the air, hardening, blocking the device all the key parts , To prevent the filter press to start again, these problems expand, damage to the equipment. It is worth noting that the cleaning of the filter chamber is required to remove the pressure of the pressure system first, to control the operating lever of the hydraulic system in the retracted position, and to return the filter press plate by another method A piece of the filter plate to release, will rinse the entire filter plate and filter cloth, after cleaning, pay attention to dry as soon as possible.
    I believe that as long as the above points, suddenly power failure will no longer be a big problem filter press, and after the filter press is still the same as the previous filter press work.