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Classification and instruction of common press filter cloth

  • Release Date:11-07-2017
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    For frequent use of filter press filter press sludge in the customers know the environment, pay particular attention to the selection of appropriate cloth, the cloth is very important for the press, which will directly affect the efficiency of filter press. The following Xiaobian introduce to you commonly used press filter, filter cloth classification and instructions.
    Classification of common filter cloth
    Filter press filter cloth in accordance with the needs of industry applications, to choose very carefully. Choose from the filter material temperature, pH, material size and other aspects: material, mesh, size etc..
    Filter cloth for coal washing press filter: non-woven filter cloth, monofilament filter cloth and nylon 66 filter cloth.
    Filter cloth for chemical press filter: 621 filter cloth, 750A filter cloth, 750B filter cloth, 750AB filter cloth and 3927 filter cloth.
    Filter cloth for tailings filter press: non-woven filter cloth, 750B filter cloth and monofilament filter cloth.
    Filter press cloth material generally have: nylon cloth, polyester cloth, polypropylene fiber filter cloth, filter cloth, nylon cloth, cotton cloth, high temperature resistant, acid and alkali cloth cloth.
    The size of the filter press cloth: cloth according to the specifications of filter board for filter press type 450 filter cloth, filter cloth, filter cloth type 800, type 630, type 1000, type 1250, filter cloth, filter cloth type 1500 type 1600 type 2000 filter cloth, filter cloth of various types.
    filter cloth instructions
    1. polyester, polypropylene fiber, vinylon was identified by the relevant departments of health, for food, pharmaceutical and other industries have no side effects on human health.
    2., food, pharmaceutical industry before use, warm water rinse, so as not to bring cloth cloth dirt.
    3. cutting, the use of electric iron cutting artificial lawn for the best (using 1500W electric iron), can prevent the latitude and longitude lines loose. Sewing threads must use lines of the same performance.
    4. cloth after use, Lixinburuoyin dregs blocking hole arrangement, the cloth body stiff influence of filtering speed can be based on a variety of fiber properties using acetone, toluene, oxalic acid, caustic soda, alcohol solution, soaking, washing, cleaning (wash) (concentration depending on the circumstances) can make the body soft cloth, cloth hydrophobic recovery air permeability and improve the utilization rate of the filter cloth.
    The filtration performance of filter cloth is directly related to the overall filtration capacity of press filter equipment. Therefore, we must do fine and accurate selection of filter cloth and other accessories and equipment! Not because of the filter cloth relationship, thus affecting the performance of filter press.