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Damage caused by high feed pressure

  • Release Date:25-12-2017
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    In actual work, the feed pressure seriously exceeds the allowable feed pressure of the filter press, resulting in high loss of material and filter cloth between the filter plates. The problem lies in the control of the feed pump outlet valve. Filter press manual requirements, feed gradually increase the feed pressure. In this regard, to take full feed pump outlet valve, and filter press into the tube on the installation of pressure relief pipe measures. At the beginning of the feed, the pressure relief valve is opened, and as the solid particles in the pressure filtration chamber increase, the pressure relief valve is gradually closed to slowly increase the feed pressure to 0.6MPa and then enter the pressure filtration process to maintain the pressure After a period of time, observe the water outlet to reduce or drop, close the feed pump. Take these measures, you can gradually increase the feed pressure, and solve the pressure filter pressure is too high, reducing damage to the filter cloth to eliminate running between the filter material problems.