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Diaphragm filter press equipment has the following advantages

  • Release Date:08-01-2018
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         1, Shorten the filter operation time.
    2, Save the consumption of operating power, in the late filter, the flow is small, high pressure.
    3, Saving power consumption.
    4, To further reduce the water filter cake, generally can reach about 9%.
    5, Compared with the frame filter, the effective filtration area increased, speeding up the filtration rate.
    6, Acid, alkali, the use of higher temperatures, generally about 230 in the temperature can be used, the application is more extensive, basically applicable to all solid-liquid separation operations.
    7, A higher degree of automation. Using a human structure design, so that the control and operation more smoothly.
    8, Diaphragm filter with anti-fatigue, anti-aging, sealing performance and so on.
    9, Easy to replace the filter cloth.