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Diaphragm filter press working principle

  • Release Date:02-01-2018
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    The most common type of filter press should be plate and frame filter press, diaphragm filter press, belt filter press these three, but for them to understand how much it, today to analyze the work of diaphragm filter Principle and advantages:
    Diaphragm filter press in the feed pump with the help of the filter will be filtered into the equipment room, filter cloth through the filter room (the general filter cloth to allow liquid and tiny solid particles through), the liquid was Dialysis out of the filter cloth, and the solid was intercepted in the filter cloth, thus completing the role of the general filter press equipment.
    The biggest feature of the membrane filter press is that it can carry out the second drying pressing press cake. The special design of the filter chamber makes it can automatically close the feed valve after the filter cake is filled in the filter chamber, and then introduce gas or liquid into the filter chamber , Making the expansion of the deformation of the filter cloth, so as to achieve the role of the secondary squeezing cake, to further reduce water.
    Further access to the gas, but also to further reduce the moisture in the filter cake. High-pressure air through the filter cake, the filter cake capillary water, water and other structural separation walk away. Is the hair dryer method.
    Diaphragm filter plate split high pressure polypropylene membrane filter plate, high pressure polypropylene membrane filter plate, embedded filter cloth high pressure polypropylene membrane filter and rubber membrane filter.