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Diaphragm filter presses have changed the shortcomings of the past split type

  • Release Date:23-06-2018
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    Diaphragm filter press is a kind of horizontal filter press, but different from other pressure filtration equipment, more complete in the sludge dehydration treatment, the same type of sludge, the water content of the mud cake after dewatering treatment by the diaphragm filter press Other types of sludge filter presses are 10-20 percentage points lower. So how to determine the price of diaphragm filter press is reasonable, to see which filter press manufacturer diaphragm filter press price is moderate, more cost-effective. Let us introduce it.

    Diaphragm filter press, generally refers to the second press pressure filter press. In the current state of the art, the pressing pressure can reach 60 bar, which is a test for the filter plate. The newly-manufactured third-generation quick-opening high-pressure diaphragm pressure filter is based on the second-generation foundation and adds PLC integrated control. The integrated control of the filter, feed pump, and multi-stage stirring is realized integrally, and the remote interface is left. , for customers to achieve remote control. The machine adopts twin cylinders and feeds at both ends, so that the filter cake is more uniform and the filtration pressure is even more.

    Rubber diaphragm filter presses are better for weak acids, weak bases, and filter materials that are not organic solvents. Diaphragm filter presses have changed the shortcomings of the past split type to save energy after feeding. The new design makes the rubber membrane tympanic membrane more fully and the pressure and gas volume used is smaller. In the case of the same amount of gas source gas, the rubber diaphragm The tympanic membrane is three times that of the polymer diaphragm tympanic membrane, which can greatly reduce energy consumption and save money.

    From the sludge treatment effect and the price of the diaphragm filter press, the new high-pressure sludge press dryer has a higher cost performance, because the same energy consumption of sludge processing equipment, the new sludge pressure dryer has a small footprint, pollution Large amount of mud, sludge dewatering is more thorough than diaphragm filter press, and the cost of comprehensive sludge treatment is also about 50% lower, which is more suitable for the increasingly strict sludge treatment project of sludge treatment.