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Environmental performance of the connector

  • Release Date:20-11-2017
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        Environmental performance Common environmental performance, including temperature, humidity, salt spray resistance, vibration and impact.
    ① Temperature resistance Currently the maximum connector operating temperature of 200 ℃ (except for a few high temperature special connector), the minimum temperature of -65 ℃. As the connector work, the current heat at the contact point, leading to temperature rise, it is generally considered that the operating temperature should be equal to the sum of ambient temperature and contact temperature rise. In some specifications, the maximum allowable rise of the connector at the rated operating current is clearly defined.
    ② Moisture moisture intrusion will affect the connection h insulation performance, and rust metal parts. Constant hot and humid test conditions for the relative humidity of 90% to 95% (based on product specifications, up to 98%), temperature +40 ± 20 ℃, the test time according to the product, a minimum of 96 hours. Alternating hot and humid test is more stringent.
    ③ Salt-resistant connectors In the work environment containing moisture and salt, the metal structure, contact surface treatment layer may produce electrochemical corrosion, affecting the connector's physical and electrical properties. To evaluate the ability of an electrical connector to withstand this environment, a salt spray test is specified. It hangs the connector in a temperature-controlled test chamber and ejects the compressed air with a sodium chloride solution of a specified concentration to form a salt spray atmosphere exposed for a period of at least 48 hours according to the product specification.
    ④ Vibration and shock vibration and shock resistance is the important performance of electrical connectors in special applications such as aerospace, aerospace, rail and road transport is particularly important, it is to verify the mechanical structure of the electrical connector rugged and reliable electrical contact Sexual important indicator. In the relevant test methods have clear provisions. Impact tests shall specify peak acceleration, duration and impulse waveform, as well as the time of electrical continuity interruption.
    ⑤ Other environmental performance According to the requirements of the use, the electrical connector of other environmental performance as well as sealing (air leakage, liquid pressure), liquid impregnation (for specific liquid resistance to abuse ability), low pressure.