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Factors affecting the performance of filter press

  • Release Date:26-07-2017
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    It is the common aspiration of all of us to allow the machine to perform its maximum performance. But all kinds of factors have different influence on the performance of plate and frame filter press. How can the filter press be brought into full play so that its performance can be fully exploited?. I think this is what we all care about, or rather look forward to, then what is the performance of press filter in the main? How can we maximize performance?
    In general, we believe that the performance of filter presses is mainly due to filtration capacity and durability. This is the judgment filter press performance main index, below for everybody concrete analysis, hoped can let everybody more extract the filter machine knowledge, lets the profession obtain the better development.
    Filtration performance:
    For the filtration performance of the filter press, we can make a detailed analysis of the filtration quality and the filtration efficiency of the press filter. The higher the filtration efficiency of the filter press, the higher the performance of the filter press. The filtration performance of filter press specific evaluation, we must start from the press filter quality, water quality, for the filter from the forming of filter cake is uniform, is complete, the general high performance filter filter out of the filter cake complete uniform storage sag space between the filter cakes in. For filtration, moisture content is also very important, the general press filter function to achieve moisture content in 55%~45%. Data can prove everything, analyze everything.
    The durability of the filter press is mainly reflected in the stability of the filter plate and the acid and alkali resistance of the other metal. As long as the filter plate in accordance with national standards and specifications, the filter plate parts plus the standard, then the acid alkali filter press in general can be used for 3 years, we can only judge from the main content on the properties of polypropylene filter plate. For metal parts, we can only deal with the details, and corrosion is the biggest threat.