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Failure Analysis of Filter Press

  • Release Date:30-10-2017
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       Filter press analysis Phenomenon: filter press in use, sometimes resulting in instantaneous increase in liquid pressure, resulting in peak pressure, much higher than the normal pressure, the pressure pointer over the upper limit of the electrical pressure gauge, the original thought that the pressure gauge , After several tracking found that in the holding state has occurred, the pressure value is higher than the maximum pressure between 4 ~ 6MPa, much higher than the maximum pressure. Install a common pressure gauge on the connection pipe of the filter inlet and feed pump. Install a valve on the feed pipe, switch the valve several times to control the flow, and re-adjust the working pressure of each filter .
       Pressure on the hydraulic system: According to the different frame and media and pressure filter pump head to adjust the pressure of the first filter press, to ensure product quality under the premise of selecting a reasonable pressure to protect the hydraulic components. Re-adjust the system work pressure, the total working pressure of each filter press system is far greater than the use of working pressure after the update, which is caused by the filter press in the filter process, the main damage caused by hydraulic components of the main reasons.
       Oil temperature: It is generally believed that the oil temperature of the hydraulic oil is 10 ~ 65 ℃, the oil temperature is too high will make the oil vaporization, evaporation of water, easy to make the hydraulic components of cavitation; oil oxidation to form colloidal deposits, easy Plug the oil filter and hydraulic valve holes, so that the hydraulic system can not work; at the same time will accelerate the deterioration of rubber seals aging, life shortened, or even lose its sealing performance, the hydraulic system serious leakage.
       The impact of oil pollution is very complex, and the hydraulic oil itself is also constantly producing oil, so to completely prevent pollution is very difficult, in order to extend the life of hydraulic components to ensure that the hydraulic system to work properly to reduce leakage, Practical approach is to control the degree of hydraulic oil pollution within a certain limit. Tank wall generally do not brush paint, so as not to produce precipitation in the oil material. b filter out the impurities produced by the system. The appropriate accuracy of the filter should be set in the relevant parts of the system and the filter should be inspected, cleaned or replaced regularly. New oil before adding the tank, to go through the static sedimentation, filtration before adding the system, if necessary, can be set in the middle of the tank, the new oil precipitation and filtration to ensure that the cleanliness of the oil.