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Features of filter press

  • Release Date:19-07-2017
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    Plate filter press in addition to the use of motor, the other parts are used OCr19Ni9 high-quality corrosion-resistant stainless steel material is suitable for filtering a variety of PH value of acid plate filter press solution, the machine should be pressurized closed filter, ; Filter quality is good, high efficiency filter part of the nine layers by the filter plate, filter area, large flow; and can be filtered according to the different production process (initial filter, semi-fine filter, fine filter) requirements, replace the different filter Film, and according to the size of the user's production flow can be appropriate to reduce or increase the number of filter plate, making this suitable for production needs, so the machine has a multi-purpose multi-purpose with a wide range of features; filter plate with flat thread mesh, No deformation, easy to clean, can effectively increase the service life of various filters, thereby reducing and saving production costs, the machine is equipped with stainless steel infusion pump, with a small motor, power consumption province. The base is equipped with rubber tire, easy to operate, mobile and flexible, available for mobile use.