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Filter on both sides of the pressure imbalance caused damage

  • Release Date:27-11-2017
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    Filter press work, the filter plate need to withstand 0.6MPa pressure. Work is normal, the filter plate on both sides of the pressure balance, pressure gradually increased to the feed pump outlet pressure. Work abnormal (may be blocked due to the outlet), the filter chamber pressure will rapidly rise to the outlet pressure of the feed pump, and the other side of the filter plate (may outlet normal or poor feed) gradually increase the pressure in the filter chamber, so The formation of pressure on both sides of the filter, resulting in deformation of the middle of the filter, thus damage the filter. Therefore, during the filter press feeding, we should carefully observe the water outlet situation, if there is no water outlet, indicating that the outlet may be blocked, to immediately stop the feed pump, pull the pressure plate and outlet blocked or into Poor filter material, check, overhaul, to be eliminated after the failure to restore feed pressure filter.