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Damage of plate plate itself

  • Release Date:23-02-2018
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    The reasons for the plate itself damaged are:
    1, When the sludge is too thick or dry block left, it will cause the feed blockage, this time there is no media between the filter only the pressure of the hydraulic system itself, when the plate itself due to prolonged pressure easily Cause damage.
    2, Inadequate supply or feed contains inappropriate solid particles, the same will cause the plate frame itself too much force to damage.
    3, If the outlet is blocked by solids or start the feed valve or valve closed, the pressure nowhere to vent, so as to cause damage.
    4, The filter plate is not clean, sometimes cause leakage of media, once leaked, edge of the frame will be washed out a small groove to a large number of media leakage caused by pressure can not increase, mud cake can not be formed .