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Filter press maintenance and repair

  • Release Date:13-11-2017
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    Filter press is a common solid-liquid separation equipment, need to be strictly in accordance with the operating system. Once the filter press operation errors, prone to a variety of failures, seriously affecting the use of filter press equipment and filtering effect. Therefore, it is very important to do daily maintenance and maintenance of plate and frame filter press.
    Hydraulic station maintenance and care:
    (1) Each refueling need to be filtered.
    (2) shut down 1 hour of equipment, you need to run the pump no-load minutes before starting the implementation of agency work.
    (3) Always check the fittings and screws and other wearing parts.
    (4) The hydraulic oil in the tank, if it is found that the hydraulic oil has been emulsified, it should be promptly replaced.
    (5) hydraulic equipment overhauls, the general does not allow disassembly pumps, valves and other major hydraulic components, confirmed, to be replaced.