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Filter presses can obtain the desired dry product

  • Release Date:29-03-2018
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    In the past few years, filter presses make it easier for us to process and dewater tailings.Filter presses can obtain the desired dry product without any chemicals.

    We have seen a tremednous growth in the investment of filter presses. As a result of changes in the regulatory and licensing processes,to obtain a permit for a sedimentation tank has become more difficult than before. Having enough space at one site is also a problem. Repository ponds may not be suitable for expansion plans because they prevent access to and use of marketable products.

    In addition, devices,for exmable, belt presses typically use chemicals to make wet cakes, while filter presses

    Moreover, the filtration cycle of the filter press includes covering the intaglio plate with the filter media, applying sufficient force to form a seal between the peripheral surfaces of the filter plate, and then using a feed pump to provide the required pressure slurry for pumping. Enter the cavity formed between the sealing plates.

    When the chamber is completely full, the feed pump stops and the seal plate pressure is released. The plates are separate, allowing the dried cake to come out of the chamber and fall onto the ground below.The filter cloth captures the slurry solids between the filter plates while allowing the filtrate water to pass through the screen and exit through the ports in the filter plate.