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Filtering method of filter plate quality

  • Release Date:04-09-2017
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       Filter plate and filter cloth is the most easy to wear and damage, which requires us to regularly on the plate and frame filter press the maintenance and replacement of the filter plate, then the replacement of the filter plate, how do we choose to buy relatively high performance Filter plate? What kind of standard filter press filter is considered a qualified filter plate? Let us tell us a little more.
    First of all, we come back from the new filter plate is the necessary conditions and the original equipment is basically the same filter plate size, these conditions include, filter plate length, width and thickness, if there is deviation is caused by the filter plate placed in the equipment beam, In the filter around the move, and even may not put up, thus seriously affecting the overall operation of the filter press.
    Second, the filter plate is the internal hole, because the current filter plate are used in the processing of polypropylene hot casting, which will filter the original filter material can be used before heating, so the filter plate in the casting process It is easy to cause empty, when such a hole to reach a certain amount of space or the number of such filter plate is not qualified products.
    Then, is the depth of the filter plate depression. The depth of the filter plate depression determines the amount of time each cycle of the equipment (usually the depth of the filter plate is about deep, the greater the amount of work each time), but not the deeper the better, but the depth of the filter plate depression Beyond the filter plate itself to withstand the strong pressure of the ability, the filter plate is easy to break or damage, and even can cause a sudden burst of the filter plate, hurt life.