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How does the filter press cope when there is an abnormal sound?

  • Release Date:31-07-2017
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       Filter filter abnormal sound may be the biggest reason is the aging of the motor, the motor load load load, so the motor will be issued noise. There is also a reason is the damage of high-pressure pump, high-pressure pump is a very important filter on one of the components, it determines the life filter used in the lifeblood, high pressure pump damage is generally because the coupling press is not correct, Causing the motor to swing too much, the load increases caused by the filter press the sound becomes larger. There is a problem that the filter is not the heart of the coupling, there will be abnormal sound.
       When found abnormal sound, the user should be timely to deal with:
       1. Check the filter press equipment in a timely manner, regular maintenance, to ensure the normal use of filter press.
       2. The use of the filter machine should be scientific and reasonable, not to ensure efficiency, excessive expansion of power.
       3. Motor should always be on the oil, to ensure that the motor does not occur corrosion, rust signs.
       4. Filter press machine to be replaced in time, do not wait for aging after the change, this will affect the use of the motor.
       5. found that the filter press abnormal sound immediately to stop using, must not continue to use, easy to burn the motor.