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How does the press filter work in summer?

  • Release Date:08-08-2017
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    Now the press has already been used in many industries, although we are in accordance with the operating instructions carefully to use it, but sometimes some problems occur frequently, in fact, some of the problems are related to the seasonal. So here, put forward some suggestions for everyone to draw on for reference.
    Press filter, we all know that the filter presses the working principle is through the external pressure filter board work, will be a solid and liquid separation process. This process can only be accomplished by tens of thousands of movements of the hydraulic rod. The amount of heat produced is added to the filter press itself. In addition, the hydraulic oil temperature is not low, and it is hot and hot in summer once combined, then the press filter room is very easy to produce sparks, causing danger. Therefore, we should pay attention to the working state of the press filter when it is very high, and try not to keep it working frequently under high temperature.
    In addition, the filter press filter board, we should pay attention to the use of, as far as possible not to expose it directly to the sun. Because the filter plate materials are mostly made of polythene plastic, the sun will make it produce direct high temperature aging phenomenon, not only will become very fragile, and a touch will break. So, if you ask the master to repair it, it will cost some more. Therefore, when you use the filter press, you must pay attention to the sun shading.