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How to achieve a more dry filter cake

  • Release Date:12-04-2018
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    Almost everyone feels that the filter plate is packed together to expel water.However,the press does not move during dehydration. The only movement in the news media is when they are opened and closed to expel the dry cakes or start a new process.

    The plate is simply connected to form a seal; The feed pump provides the necessary pressure to dehydrate the fine solids. Filter presses are designed for simple and limited movement. This design leads to high levels of automation and reliability.

    The choice of cycle time, filter cake thickness, feed pressure and plate capacity allows the filter to achieve a more dry filter cake than many competitive technologies. As with other machines in your operation, you should set up a filter press to maximize your output.

    These variables should be considered when designing press filters:

    First,Your best cake thickness-thinner cake dehydration thicker cake faster.

    Second,Solid permeability-the higher the permeability of the material, the easier it is to pass, leading to a faster cycle.

    Third,Cake Humidity-understand your moisture content objectives and the time it takes to achieve it.

    Last,Solid concentrations in feeds-higher moisture and solids content in feeds mean faster dehydration.