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How to deal with the decrease of the permeability of the filter cloth of the plate frame filter press

  • Release Date:22-01-2018
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    For staff who often operate plate and frame filter press, there will be more or less unexpected problems and problems. If these problems fail to be solved in time, they will probably affect the normal work of plate and frame filter press. The most obvious feature is that when the filter cloth of the plate frame filter filter is filtered for a period of time, the permeability of the filter cloth will decrease obviously.
    The following three points can solve the problem of permeability:
    First, to regular cleaning, so as to ensure the normal working efficiency of filter press, although the frame filter itself with weekly circulation removing cake function, but because the cloth is long time and filtrate contact, and their working environment is strong force, so there will be a solid attached to the filter cloth the situation. If it is not cleaned regularly, the frequency of the filter is increased.
    Second. Processing methods. The filter cloth is made by close processing. It makes the filter fabric with a certain structure. When the filter cloth is deep into the solid particles, it is not easy to come out. Once these particles are accumulated, the filtration aperture of filter cloth will be blocked, and the filtration speed of filter cloth will also decrease slowly, which will ultimately reduce the efficiency of the equipment.
    Third, we should know the properties of filtrate when we know the nature of the cleaning. When the filtrate is alkaline, you can choose weak alkaline water to soak, soak for a day or so, and rub it gently several times to dry.
    The daily maintenance and maintenance of large machines such as plate and frame filter press are indispensable, so that the service life of the machine can be extended.