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How to maintain the filter press in winter?

  • Release Date:19-04-2018
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    Many customers will choose better quality when purchasing filter presses, and they all want to use a longer term, but if you neglect the maintenance and maintenance of the filter press, then even the best products can not achieve what you want. effect.

    Especially in this cold winter, we can't just care about adding cotton clothes and eating big meals for ourselves, and neglecting the maintenance of the filter press! Being able to save money can also improve work efficiency. If maintenance is not done well, its normal work is a problem. Then, in this cold winter, how can we maintain the filter press?

    There is a complicated filtrate flow passage in the filter press. When the filter press stops working, these liquids will remain in the equipment. In the cold winter, the residual liquid will easily freeze and block the filter passage.

    The filter press cannot do the next job. At this time, the liquid in the filter press must be drained to prevent the remaining liquid in the filter press from blocking the filter passage. Create good conditions for the next job.