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How to prolong the life of filter cloth for filter press

  • Release Date:15-01-2018
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    When the filter cloth on the filter is used for a period of time, the damage is bound to occur due to corrosion, aging, mechanical wear and so on. When the filter cloth is badly damaged, it needs to be completely replaced. Filter cloth replacement work in the eyes of the ordinary people is a simple and easy thing. In fact, the filter cloth is a work that needs careful and responsible. The quality of the filter cloth replacement is closely related to the preparation work before the incident and the work attitude in the event. Of course, the correct use and maintenance is also very important. Both of them have a direct effect on the filtering effect and service life of the filter cloth, and have a great influence on the operation of the subsequent process or the operation of other acid plants.
    1 filter cloth replacement before preparation work. Under normal circumstances, before unloading the old filter cloth, all components above the filter plate must be cleaned up and cleaned. It is better to finish the maintenance work on the filter press. After taking down the old filter cloth, the filter plate is washed with high pressure water to ensure that the filter plate is not fouled, the filter hole is not blocked, the diversion hole under the filter plate is unblocked, and the new filter cloth can be installed. So, on the one hand, can avoid dirt clogging the filter holes above the filter to filter plate, influencing the smoothness of the new cloth, or dirt on the new cloth, pollution filter, reduce the filtering effect; on the other hand, can avoid the operation in the press on the staff stepped on the filter plate or the new fall the cloth on the dirt, which adhered tightly to the filter plate or new cloth, or stepped on down hard on the filter cloth, filter cloth scratch. It should be prohibited to dispose of the equipment at random on the filter cloth and damage the filter cloth. The fact tells us that the preparation work is not in place, the use of the new filter cloth will be discounted, and the service life will be greatly shortened. Sometimes, for a new cloth, the use of that hole, or the use of one or two days appeared damaged, even after repair, the use of cloth has changed, the damaged frequency must be accelerated, the original cloth can be used for three or five months, finally barely a month at most. The filter cloth is frequently damaged, and if it is not repaired in time, the solid content in the finished acid or the washing liquid is bound to increase. The consequences are: on the one hand, the deterioration of diluted acid quality is unfavorable for subsequent concentrating production and other sour plant operation. On the other hand, the scale of filter chamber and related equipment and pipelines are aggravated, and the device frequently stops, and the production capacity will be affected.