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Maintenance and maintenance of filter press:

  • Release Date:10-10-2017
  • Abst:

    (1) carefully check the various connections are solid, the use of the components are good, if found abnormal must be promptly notify the maintenance staff for maintenance.
    (2) if not long-term use, should first filter cloth, filter plate after drying.
    (3) The removal module must be disconnected from the power supply.
    (4) on the bearing, piston rod parts to check, so that the accessories remain clean, good lubrication, to ensure that the activities of flexible parts.
    (5) electrical control system for insulation, reliability testing, such as the discovery of abnormal, to repair or replace the electrical components.
    (6) before pressing, the filter cloth to be carefully checked to ensure that it is not folded, no damage, so that it intact to ensure that the filter effect.