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Pay attention to the noise of the filter press

  • Release Date:25-05-2018
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    Filter presses are noisy at work, and workers are directly affected. Moreover, employees work in a noisy environment for a long time, causing great harm to the members of the body and causing various diseases. Moreover, the noise of the filter press may also be caused by a machine failure. Failure to resolve it in time will affect the filter usage and service life. Therefore, in order to better realize the function of the filter press, for the health and safety of the workers and bring more economic benefits, we must learn some preventive work and necessary maintenance before operation. Through the necessary inspection before the operation to find the problem and solve it in time, so as to avoid the expansion of injury during the operation.

    First,when installing the filter press, it must be installed in the correct order. No difference in steps is needed to ensure the smoothness of the filter press. This can effectively reduce noise problems in the operation of the filter press.

    Second,in order to increase work efficiency and prolong the service life of the filter press, it is necessary to perform lubrication of the main components of the filter press before each start-up work. Because doing so can effectively reduce the wear between parts, to avoid friction between parts and produce noise problems.

    Third,filter press maintenance is simple. When the machine is working, the staff must observe it carefully and stop the operation in case of any abnormality. Check the machine to find out the problem and solve it. If you do not understand or do not know why, you can directly contact the filter press manufacturer. For routine maintenance, the staff should do a good job in the maintenance work of the filter press in time, tighten the loose parts in time, avoid noise problems caused by loose parts and filter presses, and better guarantee the operation quality of the filter press.