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Pressure filter pressure of the development process

  • Release Date:06-11-2017
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    Filter press is the most effective and best solid-liquid separation equipment on the market today. After hundreds of years of development, various types of filter press are used, and the use of flooding continues to expand. Filter press pressure from the earliest manual pressure filter developed to the current mechanical pressure and hydraulic pressure.

    As the earliest type of filter press in human filter press, it is through the original technology, through the rotation, through the extension of the screw, the pressure plate will be pressure test, in order to achieve the human needs of equipment into the filter Board pressure. Therefore, manpower is the first source of pressure filter needs, but also the most primitive source.

    With the progress of science and technology, the degree of mechanization is getting higher and higher, the pressure drop provided by slowly artificial can not meet the needs of equipment, and human's manufacturing ability has reached a very high level, mechanical filter press has become a market The mainstream. The so-called mechanical filter press is converted into pressure through the power supply, driven by the electric motor operation, after burning motion can be transformed into pressure on the filter cloth. This supply pressure greatly increases the pressure range of the filter press and improves the filter press well

    The hydraulic pressure system, which translates into pressure through the volume of liquid, is the most dominant form of industry on the market today. Hydraulic system is through special design, by constantly changing the volume of liquid, liquid pressure into the internal capacity, in order to achieve pressure on the filter plate, making it airtight space for confidentiality. Hydraulic pressure systems are now gaining recognition in today's filter press industry for their good control and strong pressure.