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Select the preparation work before the filter cloth

  • Release Date:29-01-2018
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    Before selecting filter cloth, we need to have a detailed understanding of material type, separation purpose, production capacity and filter type in solid liquid separation process, so as to select suitable filter cloth. But because all kinds of performance indicators are different, it is difficult to choose suitable filter cloth with good performance. In many cases, the selection of filter cloth is usually based on the principle of mutual consideration.
    (1) filtering requirements. To know whether to recycle solids, discard liquids, or to recycle liquids, discard solids, or both, or to abandon them; the liquid content of filter cakes and the clarification requirements of filtrate; whether or not the wastes need to be processed.
    (2) the properties of solid particles in the slurry. Such as particle size, particle size distribution, compressibility of solid particles, particle shape, solid solid density.
    (3) the characteristics of liquid in the liquid. Such as viscosity, density, acid-base, oxidation - reducibility, soluble and temperature of organic matter.
    (4) the properties of the slurry. Such as viscosity, density, concentration (the proportion of solids and liquids), and the dispersion of particles.
    Type of filter. The type of filter is determined according to the specific conditions of production capacity, investment, area of use and so on.