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Summary of Causes of Damage to Filter Filter

  • Release Date:16-08-2017
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    Filter cloth rupture, damage is the filter press application process often encountered problems, most users encounter filter cloth damage, the only solution is to replace, not only affect the production efficiency, resulting in economic losses. Common cause damage to the filter cloth has the following three aspects:
    1, filter cloth quality is caused by the main reason for the rupture of the filter cloth. Now the filter cloth is made of fiber woven, often the quality of the fiber will affect the quality of the filter cloth. The use of short fibers woven out of the filter cloth than the use of long fiber woven out of the filter cloth easier to break. So in order to reduce the loss, the best choice of quality clearance of the filter cloth. There must be selected according to the filter process appropriate filter type.
    2, in the filter press, the filter cloth is placed in the middle of the filter plate, through the entire filter plate to exert a strong pressure, the filter cloth fixed on the belt filter, when the filter plate wear or deformation, it will cause Filter cloth in the equipment uneven force, in some places by the pressure, and some places loose, these places prone to filter cloth movement, so that the phenomenon of tearing cloth found.
    3, the filter is also an important reason for the damage filter cloth filter. As the filtrate contains a lot of solid, and filter press will intercept the solid in the filter cloth in the temporary, when the solid particles is a sharp shape, the same is also easy to damage the filter cloth.
    Filter cloth damage reasons In addition to the quality of their own filter cloth, filter press filter or filter is also an important reason. Understand these reasons, we can solve the problem from the source of broken cloth, and this process, to develop more maintenance and maintenance of good habits is the best way to prevent damage to the filter cloth.