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The filter cloth contains a large amount of liquid

  • Release Date:26-04-2018
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    When the filter press is in operation, the filter cloth must be wetted so that the filter cloth contains a large amount of liquid. When the temperature is relatively low, the liquid on the natural filter cloth will also become solid, blocking the filter pores of the filter cloth, so we need to replace the filter cloth and store the filter cloth in a gentle environment for the next use.

    The deepest impact of low temperature is hydraulic oil. When the temperature is low enough to make it condense into a solid, special attention must be paid! We should check whether the hydraulic fluid is a normal liquid before starting the equipment every time. If there is a solid, all the hydraulic oil needs to be replaced, the new hydraulic oil replaced, and then the filter press can start.

    Therefore, we must try our best to ensure that the equipment hydraulic station is in a mild environment and maintain a relatively stable environment inside the hydraulic station.

    1. When moving the filter plate of the filter press, the force should be even and appropriate, and it must not collide and beat, so as not to damage the sealing surface and the filter wrench.

    2. The filter press slurry, lotion or compressed air valve must be enabled according to the operating procedure and cannot be enabled at the same time. The pressure of the compressed air cannot exceed the filtration pressure when the diaphragm is squeezed.

    3, debugging the normal filter press before feeding work, each class should conduct a comprehensive inspection of the machine.