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The penetration of the filter press during filtration

  • Release Date:23-10-2017
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    Why is the filter press leakage, filter press is composed of rack, filter plate, filter cloth to form a filtration system.

    When the filter plate is made by the CNC milling machine milling the surface of the filter plate, before leaving the factory, the filter press also carried out the empty machine water test, arguably impossible to leak, and we say that will leak Period is the customer installed after the filter cloth. After the arrival of the new machine, the use of manufacturers to install a new filter cloth for material filtration process, then there are guests that leakage, asked how we going.
    First, we have to learn to judge, first, the filter press is pressed, how much pressure compression, whether to use the pressure.
    Second, the filter cloth is placed flat, with or without foreign matter into the common foreign body is the filter cloth tied line.
    Third, if the machine is undercurrent type, filter cloth undercurrent hole is aligned, such as a hole is not aligned, will affect the whole machine out of the liquid.
    Another reason is because the new filter cloth, filter cloth latitude and longitude gap, after several use, the material blocking the gap, it will not leak.