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The pressure of the filter press is not the cause

  • Release Date:25-09-2017
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       First, the cylinder piston seal oil leakage: the oil tank inside the seal oil can not see the outside, so to determine whether the seal inside the cylinder wear or damage is more difficult and complex, the judge is to make the cylinder for the compression action until the cylinder is not And then move forward, the cylinder pressure is no longer elevated, to maintain the clamping action, the return pipe from the cylinder joints at the open, if the oil tank on the oil pipe joints at the hydraulic oil kept out, because the piston has stopped at this time, it can be judged Piston seal has been damaged, should be replaced, Xinxiang Fuhe machinery to remind you: such a situation is more complex, please under the guidance of manufacturers to repair, so as to avoid danger.
       Second, the electromagnetic valve failure: from the cylinder at the opening and closing of the tubing and the electromagnetic valve for the compression and release the action check the leak. If the internal leakage is too large, use kerosene to clean or replace the sealing parts. Sometimes the smaller internal leakage is not enough to affect the oil pressure, but will slow down the cylinder speed. Directional valve putter due to long-term impact, wear short, or armature and putter contact point wear, so that the spool reversal stroke caused.
       Third, the oil level is not enough: As the automatic pressure filter press hydraulic system for a long time in a high-pressure state, some seals will inevitably oily, while the filter press for some time, the hydraulic oil will be a small amount of natural evaporation loss, these are Resulting in oil tank oil level drop, when the oil level is too low, the pump will not hit 46 # or 68 # hydraulic oil, Tips you need to add hydraulic oil.
       Fourth, the overflow valve failure Hydraulic system failure of hydraulic failure: more than 50% is caused by the failure of the relief valve. If the relief valve pressure is adjusted to the maximum still can not meet the pressure filter pressure requirements, you should consider whether the overflow valve failure. The most effective way to determine the fault of the relief valve is to replace the method, put on the same type of relief valve trial, such as after the pressure to meet the requirements, basically can be judged as a relief valve failure.