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The starting steps of the belt filter press

  • Release Date:18-05-2018
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    Before starting the belt filter press, check whether there are any debris on the filter belt, whether the filter belt is tensioned to the working pressure, whether the cleaning system is normal, and whether the position of the scraper is correct. Next, we will introduce the starting steps of the belt filter press:

    Preparation of flocculant solution

    When preparing the flocculant, the operator first manually weighs the flocculant (agglomerated powder or liquid) in a ratio of 0.5 to 1000 parts per million like a flocculant into a container for automatic administration, starts stirring, and slowly mixes the flocculant with water. And fully stir to dissolve, stirring time is about 30 minutes to 50 minutes, and finally discharged into the storage tank. The brief steps are as follows:

    a) In strict accordance with the technical requirements provided by the technicians, select the appropriate type and type of flocculant as well as the flocculation requirements for the suitable material.

    b) Pay attention to the use of clean water of good quality to dissolve (PAM)

    c) The preparation concentration is controlled between 0.5 and 1 Torr. If the concentration of the material is low, then a high concentration of flocculant should be used.

    d) Note that the flocculant should be slowly thrown into the water, with an agitation speed of 80 to 120 rpm. If the cotton agglomerate is formed, it is also necessary to slow down the injection rate. The dissolved flocculant is used up within 30 hours, and it will gradually decompose and fail after expiration.