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Use and maintenance of filter press pump

  • Release Date:05-02-2018
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    1, Before driving, the pump should be filled with the liquid to be filled with the liquid (such as the pump is the case of suction), close the exit gate valve and connect the power supply.
    2, Connect the power supply, check whether the pump's turn is correct.
    3, Unit test operation for 5-10 minutes, if there is no abnormal phenomenon can be put into operation.
    4, When shutdown, the gate valve should be closed first, and then the power supply is cut off.
    Maintenance and maintenance:
    1, Check the pump and motor regularly, change the vulnerable parts.
    2. When the long-term shutdown is not used, the inner flow path of the pump should be cleaned and the power supply should be cut off.
    3. No air transfer is strictly prohibited.