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What parts of the filter press need to be adjusted before working

  • Release Date:15-08-2017
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    The normal parts or not for the operation of the filter is essential, after a long period of operation, the filter press a lot of parts will appear loose phenomenon, this time it needs to be a regulation , Then, the filter press need to adjust the parts are what?
    The first is the filter press filter handle. For the filter plate, the handle in addition to control the filter plate support point, let it placed in the equipment, but also fixed all the uniformity of the filter plate, so that they maintain the overall consistency. We know that the filter plate is composed of the main support room of the filter room, and each filter plate has a diversion hole, as long as the filter plate all the filter plate holes are arranged in a straight line, so that the composition of the filter room To play a filtering role. Visible handle on the importance of the filter plate, and because the equipment at work, the need for the filter plate repeatedly dragging, squeezing effect, and these columns of the action need to handle as an intermediate to complete, so inevitably there will be a certain handle The displacement or the loose of the screws. Since the handle is so important to the filter plate, we need to adjust the filter plate on a regular basis to restore the original state.
    Followed by the filter press control table. We in the past, the use of filter equipment, according to the production needs, we may need to adjust the pressure generated by the hydraulic system may be raised or lowered, and we all know that the hydraulic above can be adjusted for the need for Parts of the specific introduction, before work, in order to ensure the efficiency of the filter press, be sure to do these parts to adjust the work.