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Jiulong Filter Press manufactures a full product line, covering filter presses, filter plates, filter cloth, spare parts and auxiliary systems. Jiulong is continuing to advance and broaden this product lineup in the area of filter press separation.

  • Chamber-Recessed-Filter-Plates

    Chamber plates are able to handle higher filtration pressure comparing with traditional flush plates and frames. Fixed chamber depth. Good cake discharge.

  • CaulkedGasketed-Filter-Plates

    Caulked/gasketed filter plates are used for leak-free operation and especially in production sites where the product handled has a strong smell or is hazardous in nature.

  • Dry solid content is adjusted by membrane squeezing. Excellent cake discharge. Short cycle time, high filtration rate and low moisture content.

  • Filter cloth is a critical component to optimizing any filter press operation. We provide a wide range of choices vary in fiber materials, weave patterns and designs. At JL, application of NC laser cutting ensures accurate sizing and better sealing performance.